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With us you profit from these advantages in Hannover

You have a house or a condominium in Hannover and you would like to sell this property? Often it is personal reasons, such as the previous tenant moving out, an inheritance or a move and the associated purchase of a new property, that determine the timing of the property sale. The aim is to achieve an optimal selling price.

What the valuation has to do with it and what makes Hannover a great place to live - City Immobilienmakler shares the most important facts with you.

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With us you profit from these advantages in Hannover

  • Best local knowledge
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  • Personal support
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Your real estate in Hannover

Everything you need to know about the location

You want to sell your property in Hannover? Hannover is an attractive place to live, which is characterised by numerous special features. Hannover is not only the capital of Lower Saxony. It is a Hanseatic city, a university location, a trade fair and congress city, a shopping city and an important business location.

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The location

Hannover's wide range of offers

Numerous theatre venues as well as theatre, music and dance festivals make Hannover a Capital of Culture, which also offers numerous architectural monuments as well as representative buildings from different eras. In the centre of the Old Town is one of Hannover's landmarks, the Marktkirche, which together with the Old Town Hall is a testimony to North German brick Gothic architecture.

Hannover is located in the heart of Europe with excellent transport connections in all directions by road, water and rail. Public transport, such as the Hannover light rail system, the S-Bahn, various bus lines as well as regional train and regional express lines and the long-distance transport of the Deutsche Bahn, enable maximum mobility within and outside the city. The most important sights include Hannover Zoo, Maschsee Lake, Berggarten, the Lower Saxony State Museum, Eilenriede Park and the Sprengel Museum Hannover.


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The Hannover location

The most popular districts in Hannover

There are a total of 51 districts in Hannover, which are grouped together in 13 city districts, each with its own special attractions and advantages. Strictly speaking, there are 49 residential districts, as the districts Nordhafen and Brink-Hafen in Hannover are used purely for industrial purposes.

When selling a property, the location is one of the decisive factors for the selling price achieved. Each district has its own characteristics and attracts a corresponding clientele. Therefore it is worthwhile to take a closer look at some of them.

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Real Estate Advisor

You can recognise a good estate agent by these characteristics

Finding the right real estate agent for your project is difficult. You can find out here which factors will help you to recognise seriousness and trustworthiness.

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You need these documents to sell your property

You are no longer able to get through all the bureaucracy of selling real estate? Don't worry, with our help you won't sink into the document chaos.

Hannover city districts

Hannover List / Oststadt

The List is a district in Hannover that merges into the Oststadt. The boundaries are fluid, which is why the differences are hardly noticeable even for Hannoverians. It is mainly teachers, young doctors and prospective lawyers who prefer to settle here.

The List and the Oststadt are characterised by living close to the city centre. The street scene in these districts of Hannover is characterised by old buildings. One of the most beautiful streets in Hannover is Bödekerstraße, which is now called Ferdinand-Wallbrecht-Straße. The horse fountain on the Lister Meile is also well known, which is a crowd puller for parents and their children in summer.

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Hannover city districts

Calenberger Neustadt

In the Calenberger Neustadt live old-established Hannoverians as well as young people and students, whereby the respective composition can change from street to street. It is this mix that gives Calenberger Neustadt a unique atmosphere.

By bicycle it takes only five to ten minutes to reach the city of Hannover. In ten minutes you can reach the Maschsee by bike. The architecture in the new town of Calenberg is a mixture of old buildings and the architecture of the economic miracle period. Bakeries, cafés, bars and supermarkets are lined up side by side in the Hannover district surrounded by the rivers Leine and Ihme.

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The right exposé

These 7 points belong in a good exposé

Which aspects should a good exposé contain in order to optimally address prospective buyers? Our City Immobilienmakler professionals will tell you here.

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This belongs in the real estate contract

Drawing up a real estate contract - who is responsible for it? What does everything belong in it? What should be taken into account? Find out more here.

Hannover city districts

Hannover Südstadt

Südstadt is a former railway suburb and a favourite place of many citizens. It is never boring here. It is above all doctors, young teachers, skilled workers and civil servants who favour this district in Hannover.

The exposed location between Maschsee, Eilenriede and Bult, makes it particularly attractive for young families. Numerous shops, restaurants, cafés and cultural institutions enrich the Südstadt and make it an interesting location for people involved in art and culture.

Hannover city districts

Hannover Nordstadt

The Nordstadt was once a punk stronghold. Today the former punks have become graphic designers and photographers. Even though the Nordstadt is still attractive as a residential area, especially for young people and students, it is changing more and more.

But Nordstadt will remain multi-faceted, which applies equally to its cosmopolitan and art-interested attitude. In this respect, the Nordstadt is and remains the little rebel in the heart of Hannover, offering very different and also unusual locations and shops that you will not find elsewhere.

Hannover city districts

No quarter is like the other

A completely different picture is presented in Linden, where people sit in front of their houses. It is mainly workers who live here, although Linden is increasingly becoming the hipster and student stronghold of Hannover. Linden is varied, colourful and diverse. This also has an effect on the weekly market, the kiosk culture and on the various locations where food from all over the world is offered.

These are just a few of the 49 residential areas that clearly show that every single district in Hannover has its own special flair. This is primarily shaped by the people living there. Wherever in Hannover you want to sell your property - it is helpful to describe the special features of the respective residential area in order to motivate potential buyers to buy, to whom the respective residential area suits and in which they feel comfortable.

Sell your property

The valuation as the basis for your sales price

Before you sell your property, you need a valuation to determine a reasonable purchase price. In order to determine the current value of your property in Hannover, it makes sense to commission a professional property valuation.

At City Immobilienmakler you will receive the valuation free of charge. Your advantage is that we determine a realistic value based on various location factors, the characteristics of your property and our experience. Prices that are set too high scare away potential buyers, while a sales price that is set too low is unsatisfactory for you as the seller. Experience has shown that a property is easier to sell if the selling price is as realistic as possible.

However, you should allow for a negotiation margin of 5 to 8 percent when selling a property. Potential buyers will regularly try to negotiate and lower the selling price of your property in Hannover. Therefore, it makes sense to set the selling price a little higher from the beginning to avoid financial loss when selling the property.

The City estate agents will be happy to take over the valuation of your property in Hannover, so that you have a reliable and solid basis to determine a realistic purchase price and sell your property.

CITY Immobilienmakler

Selling your property can be so easy

Of course you can sell your property in Hannover yourself. Then you have to invest a lot of time and also have the necessary knowledge regarding a successful marketing.

The exposé alone and the associated presentation of your property in Hannover requires professionalism. It depends on the right pictures and especially on the choice of words. Creating the exposé is only one possible hurdle when selling a property. You can save time, nerves and effort by using the City real estate agents. We market your property professionally so that you achieve an optimal selling price when selling your property. This is how it works:

1. your contact request - contact City estate agents

You send a contact request to the City estate agents. You have two possibilities to find the right expert for your property in Hannover. Either you choose the appropriate real estate agent from our list yourself or we do this for you. To do so, please describe your request and we will tell you which real estate expert fits your requirement profile and your region.

2. free real estate valuation - we evaluate your property

City real estate agent will determine the value of the property you want to sell free of charge. Again, you have two options: You can either use our practical online tool or take advantage of the services of our experts.

3. marketing your property - Our experts for Hannover sell your property

What follows is a target group oriented marketing of your property in Hannover. For this purpose, we prepare the exposé mentioned above. We select the special highlights of your property and produce high-quality exterior and interior photographs.

Afterwards we present your property in Hannover offline and online. This means that we use all advertising possibilities to sell your property. An interesting way to speed up the sale of your property is home staging, which originally comes from the United States and is also used very successfully in Scandinavia to promote property sales.

The City real estate agents also take care of the communication with interested parties and organize the viewing appointments in Hannover. We are well versed in communicating with potential clients, so we are also able to answer all questions of potential clients in a professional manner.

4. the conclusion of the contract - we prepare a legally binding contract

We also handle the contract negotiations and contract conclusion and negotiate the maximum sales proceeds for you. You also benefit from the legal security of our purchase contracts, so that selling a property does not become a factor of uncertainty.

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