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Whether out of admiration for architecture, as a home for the family or as an investment - the appreciation for real estate is high. Nevertheless, real estate changes hands more often. Is it time for you to sell a property in Hannover? Then get in touch with us!

City Immobilienmakler is an association of professional, local real estate agents who will assist you in selling your property. You do not know how much your property in Hannover is worth? You wonder how to market your property best? City Immobilienmakler knows the answers to your questions.

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We are proud to say that our services set us apart from other brokerage networks. Through our platform you can easily find real estate agents in your area who have been tested for their seriousness. So you too will find the ideal partner in Hannover to sell your property profitably.

The definition

What is real estate?

Purely by definition, a property is a piece of land. In the vernacular, however, only developed land is often referred to as real estate - or even just the building on the land. The ownership of this real estate is recorded in the real estate cadastre or the land register of a municipality. This means that the owner in Hannover can not only dispose of the ground surface of this property, but also of the air space above and the ground beneath it.

But of course this is not the only thing that makes a property. Whether in Hannover or elsewhere, many properties have a lot in common. For example, they are location-bound. This immobility means that not only the condition of the property, but also its surroundings have an influence on the value of a property.

Their creation is also very time-consuming. With a few exceptions, the construction of real estate takes months or even years. What is built for a long time, will remain for a long time. Although renovation work is sometimes necessary, real estate generally allows for a long service life.

In our society there is also no substitute for real estate as residential or commercial space. Whether owned or rented: everyone must find accommodation in a property.

Real estate is usually a high investment. Regardless of whether it is actually acquired as an investment or as a new family home - the high value of real estate means that purchases are made carefully and can have very serious consequences. In addition, there are the additional costs incurred. Incidental costs do not only arise when a property is occupied - no, there are also incidental purchase costs. In the Landkreis Hannover, a property worth around 500,000 euros incurs around 50,000 euros in notary costs and land transfer tax.

You should be aware of these factors before you embark on the adventure of selling a property in Hannover. Even before contacting a potential buyer, it is important to know what your own property is worth and why. With the support of a real estate agency you will survive this process in a relaxed manner and can also be sure that you have sold your property with maximum profit.

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The diversity of the properties

Different types of real estate

Depending on what a property is used for, it is designed or located differently. The building regulations also differ for the different types of property. The superordinate categories for this classification are residential real estate used for residential purposes and commercial real estate that contains, for example, offices.

There is a clear difference between commercial real estate and residential real estate, which is also evident from a legal perspective. This influences not only the financing of a commercial property, but also its taxation.

However, there are also properties that are used in a mixed way, such as buildings that consist of rented apartments above a shop - or farms where people live and work at the same time.

These types of commercial property are particularly popular in Hannover and the surrounding area:

Medical practices
Administration and office buildings
Leisure properties such as swimming pools or cinemas
Retail properties such as supermarkets or clothing stores
Catering properties such as hotels or cafés
Production properties such as distribution centres or warehouses
Technology and business parks

How to determine the value of a commercial property

The valuation of a property depends on many different factors that affect both the property itself and its surroundings. In the case of residential properties, this is usually done using the real value method. It is therefore determined how much money it would cost to build a new property as a replacement.

With commercial property this is handled differently due to the different use. Thus, the value of such property is based on the profit that a property can generate, i.e. the so-called net profit. This is called the capitalised earnings value method.

Supply and demand also have an influence on the price of a commercial property. In Hannover there are some areas that are very desirable as a place to work or as a business location due to good transport connections and infrastructure. These properties are of course in higher demand and are therefore also more valuable.

Whether exclusively or only predominantly - residential real estate is used for living. There is no legal definition of this term, but it does become relevant when borrowing, as certain guidelines apply to residential property.

A property becomes a residential property by its construction, location and use. For example, apartments above shops in a pedestrian zone can be used as residential property, but show houses in a commercial area cannot.

There are different types of residential property, which differ in their characteristics. Among them are:

Apartment buildings
Row houses
semi-detached houses
Single family houses

These definitions become important, for example, in the calculation of property tax, as this tax is different for different types of residential property.

As real estate, condominiums are not to be neglected. In a city like Hannover they are the cheapest properties available on the market and can be an excellent investment.

There is no set definition of what an apartment building is. In order to differentiate the apartment building from other types of houses, in Hannover we speak of an apartment building when three families or more live in one property. There is no upper limit to this number.

This term is usually used for high-rise and terraced houses, where a large number of tenants live in apartments. Due to the increasing lack of space in cities like Hannover, apartment buildings are becoming more and more important - and are also becoming more attractive investment objects as real estate.

A terraced house is a chain of adjoining houses, between which there is no distance. Basically, a terraced house is a somewhat more extended semi-detached house. In most cases, each section of a terraced house is a self-contained property.

This type of property is very popular in Hannover and the surrounding area, as it does not take up as much space and materials per inhabitant as detached houses, but residents often still have a small garden and more privacy, unlike larger apartment buildings.

A semi-detached house consists of two halves of a house which are closed in themselves but not separated. Connected by a wall, life in a semi-detached house gives the impression of being in a detached house.

Often these houses have a symmetrical appearance and look the same on both sides - but it can also happen that the facades or window frames, for example, differ. Semi-detached houses are popular because they are close to a detached house, but often have a lower price.

A two-family house is a house in which two different residential units are located. These do not have to be physically separated or have separate entrances. For example, the upper floor of a house can be regarded as a second residential unit.

The famous and much sought-after single-family home is, as the name suggests, a property that only serves as a home for one family. It can have several floors. Often, when distributing land that can be built on, it is specifically indicated where single-family houses are to be built - and only single-family houses may actually be built in these places.

Weekend and holiday homes do not count as single-family homes due to the interrupted use of the land by sometimes different families. In Hannover, however, a single-family home retains its categorization if one of the residents of the property uses part of it commercially.

A bungalow is a property that consists of only one floor. It can be used as a detached house, but due to its size and the resulting price it is also very popular as a holiday home.

For example, bungalows in holiday home developments are very profitable as real estate. But these buildings are also very suitable for small families or older couples. This is the reason why some people in the greater Hannover area have decided to live in this kind of property.

Why sell?

Reasons for selling your property in Hannover

The reasons for which real estate is sold are many and varied. But the prospective profit is often high - also due to the fact that in an area like Hannover there is a demand that is greater than the supply. This gives you as a seller an advantage right from the start.

Depending on why you are selling your property in Hannover, the process can be different. Here are a few possibilities:

The loss of a loved one is often difficult to get over, so no one can really take care of everything that is necessary. These tasks often seem even more strenuous when part of the inheritance is even real estate.

If you have a need for a property yourself and want to move into your inheritance, there is no problem at all - except perhaps when calculating the inheritance tax. If you want to dispute these costs, you will need a valuation report, which an experienced estate agent can prepare for you.

Often, however, an inherited house is to be sold. A secondary activity as a landlord is often undesirable. In addition, financial resources may be needed elsewhere - or a property may even have several heirs, at least one of whom would like to be paid out.

If the value of your property has increased in recent years, it can be profitable to realize this profit now by selling it. Finally, it is not clear how long the current market situation will last.

In Hannover you can be particularly optimistic right now: The real estate value of buildings in the state capital has risen rapidly in recent years. Due to high rents, investment in apartment buildings is particularly worthwhile.

The only important thing with such a move is that you plan it carefully so that you don't get caught up in tax law guidelines. For example, if you sell a property less than ten years after its purchase, speculation tax will be due - and this can cut your profits.

Social mobility in Germany is higher than ever before. Jobs are no longer sought only locally, but nationwide. For this reason, a change of job sometimes requires a move.

If you move to another city, but own a property in Hannover that you do not want to rent out, it is advisable to sell it. Sometimes it is even necessary in order to make the purchase of a property at the new workplace possible. This way you can also avoid having to commute. This saves you time and CO2 emissions.

It can happen for many different reasons: Suddenly your financial situation is so tight that you have to sell your house. Often it happens because the financing of the property was insufficient from the beginning. Perhaps a loan was taken out with too high an interest rate - or the loan itself was too high.

Foreclosure auctions take place again and again. You should know, however, that in these auctions in Hannover the real estate is often sold far below the market value. Although the idea is sad and you may want to hold on to your home for as long as possible, the best strategy in such a situation is to flee.

Put your property on the market yourself and get a higher purchase price by selling your home before a private bankruptcy, which will rather improve your financial situation.

So many things can change in life - and these upheavals can also affect your living situation in Hannover. Even the best plan won't help if something interferes with your life. Sometimes this can also mean that you have to sell your property.

This situation can occur if you lose your job or even become unable to work. An unexpected need for care from a family member can also have such consequences. If you own a property in Hannover when something like this happens, selling it can be a good way to improve your financial situation.

But other changes in life can also mean that a sale cannot be avoided. In the case of a divorce, in which a division of assets is required, it can happen that the fair division requires the sale of your property.

However, your life may change in other ways that require the sale of your property. For example, it often happens that older people move to a home that is more suitable for the elderly. Renovating an existing property can be more expensive than selling the old home and buying a new one.

The death of a partner also leads many senior citizens in Hannover to want to sell their property. Often the loss is felt all the more clearly because there is suddenly so much empty space. A change of scenery can help a lot in mourning and when returning to life.

But of course it is not only sad life changes that lead to a property sale. Growing families quickly feel cramped in their old properties and can often finance a new property to a large extent by selling their old home.

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The real estate location Hannover

Interesting facts about the city

If you own a property in Hannover, then you are in luck: there is a great demand for residential and business premises in the state capital of Lower Saxony. Hannover is attractive both as a place to live and as a business location, which can only mean good things for a sale.

Company location

Hannover is very popular as a business location, as evidenced by the existence of some 300,000 jobs. Every day, more than 160,000 people commute to Hannover to work in one of over 30,000 companies. Among the largest employers in Hannover are big names such as Volkswagen, Continental, Klinikum Region Hannover, Sparkasse Hannover and Deutsche Bahn.

Hannover also attracts industrial companies. Several DAX companies have their locations in the city. The Gilde brewery, Harry-Brot and Bahlsen provide food and drink. But the automotive industry also has a few branches in Hannover - Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is pleased about the proximity of automotive supplier Continental AG and vehicle system manufacturer WABCO.

Educational institutions

Hannover is not only an industrial city, but also a university city. Year after year, Hannoverians can observe an influx of students - both from the surrounding area and from abroad. They are attracted by a large number of educational institutions.

The Welfenschloss is home to the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover, which offers a wide range of courses, including law, civil engineering, architecture and teaching. The Hannover Medical School (MHH) also attracts students from far and near. Hannover can boast a total of nine universities whose students all need accommodation.

Cultural landscape

The cultural landscape of Hannover is also worth seeing. About 40 museums and galleries, including the Lower Saxony State Museum and the Herrenhausen Castle Museum, are attractions for residents and tourists alike.

In addition, more than 30 theatres offer a varied programme. For example, Hannover attracts visitors with the Lower Saxony State Theatre, the Hannover Playhouse and the Garden Theatre in the Herrenhausen Gardens.

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Real Estate Advisor

Therefore you should invest in real estate today

Our City estate agents will introduce you to the world of real estate investment and pave the way for the investment of a lifetime.

The inspection date

How to optimally prepare yourself and the property

In this article, our estate agents will explain to you which methods you can use to arouse the interest of potential buyers and how you can achieve a successful sale.

CITY Immobilienmakler

Effective marketing for your property

However, you do not have to plunge into the jungle of the Hannoverian real estate market alone. With City Immobilienmakler at your side, you can be sure that the sale of your property in Hannover will be handled to your maximum advantage.

In order to achieve this, we conduct highly effective marketing for your property. A carefully prepared tactic will present it in the best light and make potential buyers' mouths water. This is how we can achieve the highest profit for you.


You would like to find out more about City Immobilienmakler right away? Then visit us directly on YouTube. We have summarized all important information about City Immobilienmakler and our partners in video format.

Our advantages

Competence and market knowledge

In order to place your property well on the Hannoverian property market, a detailed knowledge of the market is necessary. Your City real estate agent knows Hannover and its properties like the back of his hand and therefore has the necessary competence to evaluate and advertise your property correctly.

Precise property valuation

A precise property valuation for Hannover is important to determine the exact value of your property before you sell it. This is the only way to ensure that you set an appropriate price. If you set it too low, you will lose money - but if you charge too much, you may well not get your property sold.

Your City estate agent knows the area and can therefore assess your Hannoverian property accurately. He knows how it fits into the cityscape and what value buyers might see in it. This way he will invest the highest possible purchase price, which is nevertheless justified and therefore attractive.

Target group oriented marketing

In Hannover, the target group for advertised properties is not the same as in other cities. Although there are still many people who want to buy a residential property for their own use, the number of investors has increased considerably recently.

Hannover's status as a business location and university city means that many rental apartments are in demand. For this reason, apartment buildings are both sought-after and profitable as investment properties.

City Immobilienmakler knows exactly who will be interested in your property and how to approach this group of people. The marketing we do for your property will therefore be tailored exactly to this target group.

Success through diverse marketing tactics

City Immobilienmakler does marketing in different media, depending on the target group. We advertise your property on the Internet, both in our portfolio and on relevant platforms. But we do not neglect newspaper advertisements either. In this way we reach your ideal buyer as quickly as possible.

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With the help of City Immobilienmakler you will find your ideal sales assistant who will sell your property in a targeted and profitable manner.

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These trends await you

Our City Immobilienmakler provide you with a future outlook of the real estate industry and explain which developments you can expect.

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We sell your real estate in Hannover

Have we convinced you? Wonderful! Do you have any further questions? We are also very happy about that. We would be happy to discuss with you how a cooperation with City Immobilienmakler should best be organised. Your satisfaction will always be our most important goal.

Contact us now to enjoy a unique service and complete your property sale with the greatest success!

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How do I find the right loan for the purchase of real estate

We at City Immobilienmakler support you with valuable tips and make concrete recommendations on the subject of financing real estate with credit.

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How to earn money with real estate

City Immobilienmakler has a few clever tips for you, with which the dream of big money may soon come true.

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