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Hannover is the capital of the federal state of Lower Saxony. It scores with a convincing infrastructure and at the same time being close to nature. Living or working here, taking a holiday or founding a company is attractive. For everyone who sells a property, it is worthwhile to rely on an expert.

The City estate agents are powerful contacts who score points with experience, expertise and an extra portion of customer service.

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You can expect these advantages

  • professionalism
  • Know-how
  • regional knowledge
  • Full Service
  • character
  • range
  • network
  • Modern techniques
  • best return
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Your real estate presentation

Staging the attractiveness of Hannover

Your real estate agent not only presents the advantages of the objects you entrust to him. He also takes into account the region with all the advantages it has to offer for a prospective buyer. Hannover is a city that is particularly well suited to be included in a real estate offer. As a trade fair city, it is a magnet for guests from all over the world.

For companies it offers a first-class infrastructure and also capital investors benefit here, as there is always a demand for rental and care properties, catering and hotel buildings.

It is possible to handle your real estate business on your own, but it is often a risky undertaking. There are many mistakes that can have a negative impact on your project. Your real estate agency, on the other hand, has a wide range of measures at his disposal to optimally prepare and handle your real estate business in Hannover.

The City real estate agents convince with a high regional knowledge. This is particularly important for the sale of your real estate in Hannover. Here we have compiled a compact overview for you, which contains all measures with which your successful real estate project should be implemented and offers valuable information on how you can benefit from an experienced real estate agent.

Of course we can only offer you a general overview here. Every property is different. So is every interested party. And every owner has his or her own requirements for a successful property sale. Therefore, we recommend an individual consultation for all those who are planning a real estate project and who appreciate tailor-made and professional support in this context.


Real estate in Hannover

Sought-after properties for Lower Saxony

Hannover has something to offer for everyone. The capital city of Lower Saxony is an excellent business location across all industries, which is convincing not only because of the trade fair, but also because of the inland waterways within the already first-class transport connections.

In addition, Hannover offers a range of art and culture that makes it attractive for both locals and tourists. It is not for nothing that Hannover has been made a candidate city for the European Capital of Culture 2015.

Hannover is one of the 15 most populous cities in the Federal Republic of Germany. The city thus follows an impressive tradition, as Hannover was already granted city rights in 1241. Where so many people live, real estate is naturally in great demand and the conditions for real estate transactions are correspondingly good. However, it is advisable to hire a professional real estate agent to avoid sources of error and to present the property in a truly unique way in the abundance of offers.

City Immobilienmakler has the market knowledge with which real estate in Hannover is presented to the right prospective buyers in a practice-oriented and tailor-made way.

Presenting all facets of the attractive Hannover region

It is part of the craft of a real estate agent to present each target group with a real estate that fits perfectly. What Hannover has to offer for the individual target groups is described in more detail in the following sections. First, however, our following overview describes how Hannover can score points with a mixture of the city's advantages and the recreational factor of nature.

The city of Hannover has so many attractive features that the real estate agent could not accommodate them all in one exposé. Urban life is characterised by shops and stores, gastronomy, art and culture. Many festivals of theatre, dance and music are based here.

In addition there are national and international top-class sports to marvel at. The infrastructure offers optimal transport connections around the clock. In addition, Hannover scores with a lot of sights, which City real estate agents like to include in their property presentation, if the property is located in its surroundings. These include many brick buildings that exude a unique charm and convince with their unmistakable district romanticism. The variety of epochs that Hannover has to offer architecturally is impressive. In the new town hall there is, among other things, a unique arched elevator to admire.

The city with about half a million inhabitants also has nature to offer. The Herrenhausen Gardens are popular with locals and tourists alike. As a green metropolis, as Hannover calls itself, a whole range of gardens and parks are nurtured and maintained for visitors.

The Maschsee and the Altwarmbüchener See invite you to swim, walk and relax. Those who appreciate an attractive destination for the weekend can take a short trip to the North or Baltic Sea in comfort and with a high recreational factor.

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Real Estate Advisor

A real estate agent offers you these advantages

Our City estate agents show you here why you should definitely consult an experienced estate agent when selling your property.

Buyer search made easy

You should definitely use these sales channels

Find out here which methods you can use to find the ideal buyer for your property and which options you have to place a sale ad.

Different target groups

Real estate agents have a lot of experience with what private individuals value in a property. Many are blessed with children and are looking for an affordable property in an environment that offers good infrastructure and a green environment. Every larger city offers schools and kindergartens. Hannover is also a well-known university location in the Republic, so that young people here can also benefit from an excellent and individually tailored education.

In addition, the districts of Hannover are so unique and multi-faceted that not only families with children can discover a property to their taste here. Between Vinnhorst and Vahrenwald, Wülferode and Wettbergen, Bernerode and Burg, Linden and Lahe, there are a lot of properties that can be optimally sold with the support of City Immobilienmakler.

Hannover is an important business location in Lower Saxony. All industries are represented here. Automotive companies and breweries, banks and insurers, trade, crafts and tourism are just a few examples of many.

Of course, the competition for new companies in Hannover and the surrounding area is high. But the many companies that have settled here are also responsible for the fact that newcomers meet an optimally prepared infrastructure here. Expansions are also not uncommon here and require real estate for high standards.

City Immobilienmakler is the right contact if you have a commercial property in Hannover for sale. Experts are particularly important in the commercial sector, as large sums of money usually have to be negotiated here. By the way, the market for real estate sales in Hannover is excellent. Due to the trade fair and the universities, commercial real estate is in great demand here.

The return on investment is what counts. This is how the value of investment properties for their owners could be summarized in a compact way. There are a lot of investment properties in Hannover that will prove to be particularly lucrative for their future owners.

With City Immobilienmakler these can often be ideally brokered. Apartment buildings are the classic. We real estate agents not only present them as attractive properties, but also recommend the relevant documents with which their profitability can be optimally proven to the prospective buyer.

Nursing homes are also very popular. The age pyramid in Germany shows that more and more elderly people will have to be cared for. Gastronomy and the hotel industry are also two important focal points for all those who have investment properties to offer.

Real estate agent for Hannover

All target groups in focus

It has become clear from the last few paragraphs that prospective buyers of a property also have different demands on the respective property. This means that a property should not only be described by year of construction and number of square meters.

City Immobilienmakler offers you a service that is tailored to the needs of the target group of your property. This means that we do not offer standard off-the-peg solutions for the presentation of the properties entrusted to us. What we real estate brokers realize are custom-fit real estate presentations that highlight the special features of your property, making it unique in Hannover and its surroundings.

It is this uniqueness that can make the proceeds of the property particularly favourable for you. For private individuals it is mostly related to the comfort and the environment, for companies to the infrastructure and the usable area and for capital investors it is of course mainly related to the yield of the property.

Real estate agents are the competent contact persons, who also stand for a practice-oriented, custom-fit and professional real estate sale in Hannover. The real estate project begins with a detailed consultation, which we would be happy to combine with a viewing of your property.

Afterwards, there are three pillars on which we real estate agents build our high-quality brokerage for Hannover or the surrounding area: on the uniqueness of the property, the needs of the target group and the demands you make on us.

Your real estate business in Hannover

Better with your estate agent than on your own

Real estate transactions are always a bit tricky. On the one hand because large sums of money are involved and a lot of money can be given away if mistakes are made. On the other hand, because the business partners for real estate should be selected particularly carefully - namely according to whether they are reputable and solvent.

Of course, it is also possible to handle such transactions on your own in Hannover. However, it is important that you are aware that mistakes are associated with unpleasant consequences. Therefore, if you do not have the expertise and experience that is essential for real estate transactions, it is better to entrust them to an estate agent.

The classic example of mistakes with unpleasant consequences in real estate business is the wrong property valuation, which can be successfully avoided with an experienced real estate agent. A simple, but particularly vivid example of calculation is intended to demonstrate this:

In 1960 a private man bought a house in Hannover.

The purchase price was the equivalent of 200,000 euros. This house was consistently maintained. Maintenance work was carried out regularly and reliably so that there is no current need for repairs.

Also modernizations were purposefully made - among other things a balcony a carport. In addition, an energetic renovation based on the use of renewable energies was carried out using a solar system on the roof of the property.

When the property is to be sold, the owner sets the purchase price from that time - and gives away cash. The house had gained added value, but the owner had not included this in the selling price.

This is just one example of many that show that a real estate agent is always worthwhile. Also in Hannover, where in the abundance of offers on the market, it is always important to present one's own property in a particularly attractive way. This means that the exposé should also be optimally designed by the knowledgeable real estate agent.


What we offer you

  • Free valuation
  • Target group oriented marketing
  • Professional viewing appointments
  • Personal support
  • Sophisticated Home Staging
  • Qualitative exposé creation
  • Modern 3D tours
  • Contracts with legal competence
  • Sovereign sales talks
  • Credit assessment of buyers
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Real Estate Advisor

Watch out for these warning signs of dubious real estate agents

Caution is advised when searching for the ideal real estate agent. City Immobilienmakler shows you how to recognise an unprofessional estate agent.

Real Estate Advisor

What you should know about the ordering principle

You have probably already heard of the buyer principle for the broker's commission. But what does it mean and when does it take effect? You can find out all this and more here.

Property valuation in Hannover

City Immobilienmakler as a competent contact

Property valuation in Hannover is an important core competence of your City real estate agents. It is the one that significantly influences the sales price. The first price presented in an offer should be optimal, because a price increase is particularly unfavourable on the real estate market and annoys prospective buyers. A price reduction, on the other hand, can make you the plaything of your prospective buyers. Therefore, it is important to build on a solid real estate valuation from the beginning with the support of the City real estate agents in Hannover.

Hard and soft factors are integrated into a property valuation. Hard factors are those which are objectively verifiable and do not change. These include the purchase price, the year of construction and the property's location, the amount of repair bills and modernisation of the property, and the energy efficiency certificate.

Soft factors are mainly related to the people interested in a property and are given special consideration by your estate agent. If a district in Hannover is currently particularly popular with potential property buyers, this is also reflected in the market price. The market knowledge of your City real estate agent can ensure that this is efficiently implemented.

Often it is also a prospective buyer who favours a certain property for personal reasons. This can of course also make the price higher than it was calculated in the classic property valuation.

The City real estate agents are your competent experts in Hannover for a solid real estate valuation that reliably integrates all factors. In addition, your real estate agent also offers professional support when it comes to obtaining the documents important for the real estate valuation.

Real estate sales in Hannover

Well presented is half sold!

The presentation of a property also plays an important role in Hannover. Your real estate agent is the absolute expert for this. He stages an object in words and pictures in such a way that it arouses real curiosity among interested parties. Spelling mistakes and blurred photos? Not when City Immobilienmakler presents an object.

Our real estate agents create exposés competently and creatively. In addition to the usual features we offer floor plans and the popular 3D tours in the online area. If required, the whole thing can be combined with a high-quality home staging. Here your real estate is presented to the interested parties in the best possible way. This not only makes it particularly attractive, but also inspires the prospective buyers for their individual use.

Our estate agents will always discuss the possibilities of placing an advertisement with you individually. However, we always recommend online presentation because of the division rates and design possibilities. If, for reasons of discretion, your property should not be offered publicly, we still have possibilities for professional mediation, which can be successfully handled with the support of our real estate agents.

With your real estate agent

Realize sightseeing in Hannover

In Hannover and the surrounding area it is worthwhile to also hire a real estate agent for the viewing of your property. This is especially true for all cases in which an owner does not live in Hannover and can therefore only conduct viewings at great expense.

But this is not the only advantage that a real estate agent can offer you in this context. Your real estate agent has the know-how to present your property to your prospective buyers not only informatively but also in an emotionally positive way.

Within the framework of high-quality individual inspections, we skilfully guide you through the property and naturally always have all the important documents with us.

With the property inspection we also have the opportunity to research whether the individual persons are really interested and what their creditworthiness is. In this way we can present you with a representative selection of serious and solvent prospective buyers, which we have carefully hand-picked. This also significantly reduces your costs.

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Real estate sales

Here you will find the right sales assistant

Managing a property sale alone is difficult. So you should consult an experienced salesperson. We'll show you where to find one here.

Real Estate Advisor

These costs arise when you sell your property

The correct planning of costs is essential for your property sale. That is why our City Immobilienmakler will show you here how best to do this.

The conclusion of the sale

Base your real estate project in Hannover on a legally secure contract



If you are not a lawyer or real estate agent, you should rely on professional assistance in drawing up the real estate contract. There are sources of error here that can have unfavourable consequences for the owner even after the purchase.

Our City estate agents have a high level of expertise in the field of contract drafting and can effectively protect you from these mistakes. This competence is based on numerous successfully completed real estate projects in Hannover and its surroundings.


If there are special problems to be clarified, we also have proven legal experts in our network whom we can consult. This has two advantages for you: On the one hand, it is possible to draw up a legally secure contract while saving high lawyer's fees. On the other hand, the notary's visit, which is obligatory when selling real estate, is professionally and precisely prepared by our support as real estate agents. This way you are well protected against all eventualities.

City Immobilienmakler

Top advice for your property sale in Hannover

In Hannover, with all its special features on the market, it makes sense to rely on an established real estate agent. Your City real estate agent is such an expert for the region. We broker real estate with competence, with creativity and with the extra portion of customer friendliness.

The better we get to know you and your property, the better we can act for you as real estate agents. We do not offer standard off-the-peg solutions, but rather tailor-made brokerage services. In order to make this possible and also to establish the important relationship of trust between you and your real estate agent, we are happy to offer detailed and always individually designed initial consultations in Hannover and the surrounding area.

An initial consultation for Hannover and the surrounding area can be arranged by telephone or e-mail. Making an appointment is important, because a real estate agent bases his solid work on extensive consultation. The appointment can gladly be combined with a viewing of your property. Your real estate agent from Hannover can get a first important impression of your property, determine the need for repairs and thus the need for action for you and get inspiration for an optimal presentation of your property.

For you, too, such an initial meeting serves as a targeted preparation for the actual handling of your real estate project in the Hannover region. Thus, the real estate agent will inform you about which documents are important for the sale of your property, the valuation of your property and an attractive property presentation.

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